How to Register: Demo Video

  1. All students will be required to register online; you can do so from home/office/internet cafe or at designated Registration Centres on Campus, for example:
    -           Centre for Information Technology (CIT)
    -           University of Guyana Library and
    -           Certain Faculties, where the facility may be available.
  2. Students are expected to complete registration during the University's official registration period.
  3. Registration personnel will be available to assist you with this process if you choose to complete your registration on campus.
  4. To access the online registration option: go to the University website: .
  5. To access your information and sign up for courses, you must enter the secure area. Click on the online registration link, enter your user name. Your user name will be your unique student identification number default password. You will be prompted to change your default password for a password of your own. For new students this unique student identification number was provided in your offer letter.
  6. Read carefully the instructions on the page before continuing with the registration process.
  7. Enter the miscellaneous details the system requires of you.

Choosing the Right Courses:

  1. Your programme profile, year by year, will be available on the website. You may also uplift programme brochures from your Department or Faculty office.
    Continuing students will need to choose their courses carefully when registering to ensure that you have the right number of credits. This will have implications for your tuition fees as well as your graduation.
  2. Read your Departmental Brochures carefully. New students must read your admission and registration guide very carefully. Do not skim it over. Make careful notes of the courses you have registered for since you will need to reflect to them again when you see your timetables. You can access the admission on Registration Guide on the website.
  3. If you are unsure/uncomfortable about your choice courses, it is recommended that you consult with your Head of Department or Programme Coordinator.
  4. Your registration will be subject to academic approval, by your Head of Department /Programme Coordinator and Assistant Dean/Deputy Dean/Director.
  5. All students are required to pay tuition fees, in addition to other university miscellaneous and compulsory fees. Your registration invoice will indicate the fees payable based on the programme you have chosen. You will therefore need to obtain financial approval/clearance from the University Bursary before your registration can be made final.
  6. Your registration is not complete until you are in receipt of your Confirmation of Registration letter and student identification/registration card or updated card thereof.

Enrolling in Course Groups:

  1. See the following document on all course group information.

All students are required to register at the beginning of the academic year for both Semester I and Semester II courses.
Continuing Students who are not registering for any courses during Semester I are required to apply for leave of absence. Please observe the Deadline dates.